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The best international payment provider for your international business.

Collect locally and settle funds globally.

Have a dedicated account manager.

Stay compliant and efficient with all payments.

Trusted by Technology Giants

Discover FacilitaPay

Streamlining global transactions was never this effortless.

We're your bridge to thriving in Latin America. With FacilitaPay, you get:

100+ local payment methods

From credit cards to unique payment channels, we've got it all.

Seamless Success:

Every Time

Achieve unparalleled conversion and approval rates with each transaction

Strong compliance

Monthly installments, embedded payment optimization and advanced KYC and AML processes, including real-time validation.


Master local payment collection in emerging markets

Boost payment conversion rate and reach by offering your users a payment experience they choose daily.

Deliver a local payment experience and leverage the best features to boost conversion rates

  • Local Credit/Debit cards
  • Local transfers
  • Local alternative payment methods

Shared economy

& marketplaces

Reach more than 95% consumers in emerging markets, by accepting the payment methods in which they rely on every day

Online retail

Sell in the way your customers want to buy with all your payment methods and currencies in one platform


Send mass payouts easily to LATAM

Pay your local sellers and partners by depositing local currency directly to their local bank accounts.

Distinguish your global transactions with a localized payment experience

Improve your cross-border recipient experience by getting them paid the way they expect to be paid, and with the fastest time-to-account in emerging markets.

Scale your Payouts operations effortlessly

Use a single integration to automate hours of manual dedication from your team, while reducing human error risk. Avoid dealing with multiple payout providers.

Eliminate risks and operational burdens in emerging markets

Paying out your partners and sellers worldwide can be arduous due to diverse compliance requirements, unpredictable regulatory changes, and volatile currency fluctuations. FacilitaPay manages all these risks with its team of local experts.

Integration Made Easy

One API. Infinite Opportunities.

Experience the seamless connection with our plug-and-play integrations.

The world of LatAm payments is now an API away.

Tailored For You.

Every business is unique. So is our payment solution. Customize as per your needs.

Supports various business models & fund flows.

Adapts to diverse

regulations & risks.

Processes high volumes, maintaining speed & accuracy.

Ensures 99.999% uptime. Your business is always online.

Real-time Insight At Your Fingertips

Every transaction tells a story. Gain insights, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions. Information is power, and we bring it closer to you.

Get on board today to revolutionize your payment technology


Global Merchants


Key Countries


Unique Shoppers

+ $ 6bi


The Future is Instant with PIX Global

Instant transactions. Zero hidden fees. Enhanced customer experiences. Experience the power of PIX, the Brazilian global payment method.

Define your change in USD.

Generate a QR code with the equivalent BRL amount.

Customer scans and pays using their bank app.

Instant transaction visibility on our platform.


Your Journey

Quick and hassle-free onboarding. One integration to connect with multiple countries. With FacilitaPay, you're set for success.

Your Partner

in Growth

We're more than just a payment platform. We’re your partners, ready to guide you through the nuances of the LatAm market. With insights on local payment methods and consumer trends, your global expansion is in safe hands.

Embrace the Future

with FacilitaPay

Are you set to redefine your global reach?

Dive deep into Latin America. Discover endless possibilities.

With FacilitaPay, the future is now.

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